Salt & Love / Spice and Herb Jelly

Since 2011 Salt & Love / Spice and Herb Jelly / Taste products / Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Paderborn (D), Zürich (CH), New York (USA)

From regional herbs such as rosemary, sage, lavender or mint a small editions of spice jelly is produced – a product line of dilettantin produktionsbüro under the label ‘Kazymir’s Kitchen‘. These are being applied in performances, tastings and workshops.

Spice jellies are neither jam nor fruit mustard, rather concentrated flavor products, which can have varied uses in the kitchen and exquisitely suit cheeses, meats, smoked fish or as a flavoring ingredient in sauces, marinades or yogurt.

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/// OUT NOW ///

No ART around – about the (im)possibility to operate a restaurant as art


No ART around‘ is the book originating from the ‚dreijahre Gastraumprojekt / dining room project‘, a fixed term restaurant which took place in Bremen from 2007-2010. The book is the continuation of the art project and carries the transborder approach one step further: Both in form and content it ranges between artist book and discourse reader. A total of thirteen writers give space to the different levels of the project such as the art concept, atmosphere, social setting, culinary taste and economics, thus open up a general discourse about the borders of art.

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/// NEWS IN OCTOBER 2012 ///

Book Launch – No ART Around

Book Launch
No ART Around
About the (Im)possibility to operate a restaurant as art
18th October 2012 at 7:30 pm
Künstlerhaus Bremen
Am Deich 68/69, 28199 Bremen

Book launch and reading, along with culinary trifles. For this reason, a short registration under produktionsbuero (at) is desired. After the event there will be drinks, music and the opportunity to talk to the artist.

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2012 / No ART Around – About the (Im)possibility to Operate a Restaurant as Art / Artist book, discourse reader / The Green Box / Berlin

From 2007 to 2010, dilettantin produktionsbüro in Bremen ran the dining room project ‘dreijahre’ (threeyears), a conceptual restaurant, that was based on the question: Can this be art?
“A restaurant with a café and bar: The table is set, the time is limited. A digital countdown is metering the days. 1095, ie three years, on the border between art and gastronomy, the seen and the unseen, the banal and the extraordinary, the sensual and the spiritual.”

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Opening Ceremony

2012 / Socio cultural interaction / Der Vierte Raum / Bremen (D)

dilettantin produktionsbüro was asked to configure the opening event of temporary appartment gallery „Der vierte Raum – The Fourth Room“, a designated art space within a shared private flat for the time of 5 months. A sensual setting is created that reflects the contradictory functions and needs of both public art spaces and their protagonists (=Artists).

An evening in two parts
Rather than showing off produced art work the protagonists of the local art scene are being invited by dilettantin produktionsbüro to meet with each other at the empty art space, referringto professional gatherings and networking.The invitation includes the option to dress in a monochrome color, to mark oneself. Later this exclusive gathering is opened up to the public.
The visitors of the exhibition are being presented monochromely dressed attendees who clink glasses with colored drinks. White Meringues and dark chocolates are being served. The audience is mixed rather quickly and only here and there the bright colors of the artists are visible. From an adjacent room there is the sound of Jazz music.

27.01. # House–warming party
Opening ceremony of dilettantin produktionsbüro

A housewarming party, as an initiation of Der Vierte Raum – The Fourth Room. No art for the first night.Only people, invited guests, friends, acquaintances and strangers. We celebrate Der Vierte Raum as a place of open possibilities, which in the coming four months in various disciplines become formulated and tested.

No art around?

From 7:30 pm guests appear in monochrome clothing: pink, red, bordeaux, orange, white, green, blue, brown, gray. The guests invited by dilettantin produktionsbüro, are greeted with a Ruby Red welcome drink, there is chocolate praline and ginger meringues. You stand together and keep yourselfabout – Art and Other.

It´s Bremen artists that have come, players in the scene, who in their function as art producers underline the context of Der Vierte Raum as place for artistic activities and strategies. They detach the space from hisfunction of the private retreat space, give it open for a specific public and will make a discursive framework.The Artist guests refer to it as a new, temporary function. By their subtle marking of outer monochrome color, they stand in for their role, formulating a statement and create a situation that defines the location, butalso leaves it open and permeable.

For a short time it is a platform for exchange before in the course of the evening other guests mix into the group, the audience becomes more heterogeneous and the opening ceremony transforms into a party. Weare warm now.

Text by Yvonne Bialek



2012 / Record performance / Galerie d´Art Contemporain / Bremen (with SEX: Branka Colic, Anneli Käsmayr, Michael Rieken)

Image by Tizian Bauer, 2012

A random selection of the limited record edition of „Jonathan Monk – The Surprise (remix by sex)“ is being played for an audience. Accompanied by a special drink and a small bar. Durance approx. 4 hours.


2011 / Performance with Michael Fesca / Errant Bodies / Berlin

In a multi-week process, the artist Michael Fesca creates a 5-piece tableware made of plasticine – delicate vessels for food and beverages, which can be deformed with every touch and never fully substantiated. The result is a soft, oily image of the “good dishes” (das Gute Geschirr), which in turn is used for the ritual use of an evening. The dishes may be used only once, but they are being deformed by it and become dirty. The strange material irritates the user. The gray plasticine, plastic material par excellence, remains soft, just as the food that is being served.

Specifically for this dinnerware dilettantin produktionsbüro create a colorful five-course meal, whose individual courses are being prepared over a period of several hours right in front of the evening guests and are being served without cutlery.

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2011 / Socio cultural intervention / GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst / Bremen (D)

The artist Danuta Kurz invites et al. dilettantin produktionsbüro to exhibit for one day in the group exhibition ‚we dance gak‚ instead of herself. What Danuta Kurz does with six artistic positions dilettantin produktionsbüro passes on to all of their friends and friends of friends: GAK exhibition for all! The invitationof Danuta Kurz is forwarded via email and Facebook to friends and acquaintances. These are called to extend the offer to exhibit in the GAK to their friends and so on. Through their coming and the ritual of thetoast to one´s exhibition they attend the show.

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/// NEWS IN OCTOBER 2011 ///

Talk and Tasting – Swinging Plasticine

Thursday, October 6th, 8pm
Talk and Tasting (talk will be held in english)
The dilettantin produktionsbüro presents new work with focus on the three year long gastronomic project dreijahre Gastraumprojekt which took place in Bremen 2007-2010. Currently a book about this project is being in the make bringing together nine different writers´ perspectives „on the (im)possibility of running a restaurant as an art project“. Besides the talk there will be some music played as well as a sweet tasting provided of current taste products.
The dilettantin produktionsbüro often collaborates with other artists such as in music and art collective SEX (with Michael Rieken and Branka Colic) with whom it also forms the DJ-collective sexsoundsystem and has just released their first EP Can´t find no sex in the record shop.
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/// news in september 2011 ///

Here´s to you and me

Please join us on october 2nd, 2011 at GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
Here´s to you and me, a sociocultural intervention

dilettantin produktionsbüro has been invited by artist Danuta Kurz to participate for one day in the group exhibition „wir tanzen gak – we dance gak“ at the Bremen Kunstverein GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst on october 2nd 2011. This invitation is being passed on to all friends and friends of friends. By attending the exhibition and commonly raising the glass to the intervention everyone is participating in the exhibition.
Come and have your own show at the GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst!