2011 / Performance with Michael Fesca / Errant Bodies / Berlin

In a multi-week process, the artist Michael Fesca creates a 5-piece tableware made of plasticine – delicate vessels for food and beverages, which can be deformed with every touch and never fully substantiated. The result is a soft, oily image of the “good dishes” (das Gute Geschirr), which in turn is used for the ritual use of an evening. The dishes may be used only once, but they are being deformed by it and become dirty. The strange material irritates the user. The gray plasticine, plastic material par excellence, remains soft, just as the food that is being served.

Specifically for this dinnerware dilettantin produktionsbüro create a colorful five-course meal, whose individual courses are being prepared over a period of several hours right in front of the evening guests and are being served without cutlery.

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