Opening Ceremony

2012 / Socio cultural interaction / Der Vierte Raum / Bremen (D)

dilettantin produktionsbüro was asked to configure the opening event of temporary appartment gallery „Der vierte Raum – The Fourth Room“, a designated art space within a shared private flat for the time of 5 months. A sensual setting is created that reflects the contradictory functions and needs of both public art spaces and their protagonists (=Artists).

An evening in two parts
Rather than showing off produced art work the protagonists of the local art scene are being invited by dilettantin produktionsbüro to meet with each other at the empty art space, referringto professional gatherings and networking.The invitation includes the option to dress in a monochrome color, to mark oneself. Later this exclusive gathering is opened up to the public.
The visitors of the exhibition are being presented monochromely dressed attendees who clink glasses with colored drinks. White Meringues and dark chocolates are being served. The audience is mixed rather quickly and only here and there the bright colors of the artists are visible. From an adjacent room there is the sound of Jazz music.

27.01. # House–warming party
Opening ceremony of dilettantin produktionsbüro

A housewarming party, as an initiation of Der Vierte Raum – The Fourth Room. No art for the first night.Only people, invited guests, friends, acquaintances and strangers. We celebrate Der Vierte Raum as a place of open possibilities, which in the coming four months in various disciplines become formulated and tested.

No art around?

From 7:30 pm guests appear in monochrome clothing: pink, red, bordeaux, orange, white, green, blue, brown, gray. The guests invited by dilettantin produktionsbüro, are greeted with a Ruby Red welcome drink, there is chocolate praline and ginger meringues. You stand together and keep yourselfabout – Art and Other.

It´s Bremen artists that have come, players in the scene, who in their function as art producers underline the context of Der Vierte Raum as place for artistic activities and strategies. They detach the space from hisfunction of the private retreat space, give it open for a specific public and will make a discursive framework.The Artist guests refer to it as a new, temporary function. By their subtle marking of outer monochrome color, they stand in for their role, formulating a statement and create a situation that defines the location, butalso leaves it open and permeable.

For a short time it is a platform for exchange before in the course of the evening other guests mix into the group, the audience becomes more heterogeneous and the opening ceremony transforms into a party. Weare warm now.

Text by Yvonne Bialek