2012 / Record performance / Galerie d´Art Contemporain / Bremen (with SEX: Branka Colic, Anneli Käsmayr, Michael Rieken)

Image by Tizian Bauer, 2012

A random selection of the limited record edition of „Jonathan Monk – The Surprise (remix by sex)“ is being played for an audience. Accompanied by a special drink and a small bar. Durance approx. 4 hours.

 „Jonathan Monk – The Surprise (remix by sex)“ is a work by SEX that was first displayed in 2010 as part of the installation sex®shop, which you can read here more about.
In collaboration with artist Jonathan Monk, and referring to his work “The Surprise”, which he published in 2006 as a 7″ single, the artist collective releases the „remix“ of this idea as a new edition. 100 maxi-singleswith selected music from pop, dance, soul and house are pasted over with new uniform-looking labels, sothat it remains unknown what music is on the individual record.
 „Jonathan Monk – The Surprise (remix by sex)“ is an Edition of 100, signed by the artists and numbered.


The design of the invitation refers visually to the record cover of Steve Lacey Plays Monk„, an interpretation of pieces that were composed by Thelonious Monk.