2011 / Socio cultural intervention / GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst / Bremen (D)

The artist Danuta Kurz invites et al. dilettantin produktionsbüro to exhibit for one day in the group exhibition ‚we dance gak‚ instead of herself. What Danuta Kurz does with six artistic positions dilettantin produktionsbüro passes on to all of their friends and friends of friends: GAK exhibition for all! The invitationof Danuta Kurz is forwarded via email and Facebook to friends and acquaintances. These are called to extend the offer to exhibit in the GAK to their friends and so on. Through their coming and the ritual of thetoast to one´s exhibition they attend the show.

The action of the dilettantin produktionsbüro plays on one side of the recently popular Facebook parties. Similar to the chain letter project in a gallery in Los Angeles, the multiplied invitation undermines on the other hand the classical format of a curated exhibition. The entire social network – not just artists – are invited. Not the institution, but in this case the rhizomatic progression of digitally forwarding determines who can celebrate this day the opening as an artist and to note the participation in the artistic cv.

Text by Mona Schieren