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No ART around – about the (im)possibility to operate a restaurant as art


No ART around‘ is the book originating from the ‚dreijahre Gastraumprojekt / dining room project‘, a fixed term restaurant which took place in Bremen from 2007-2010. The book is the continuation of the art project and carries the transborder approach one step further: Both in form and content it ranges between artist book and discourse reader. A total of thirteen writers give space to the different levels of the project such as the art concept, atmosphere, social setting, culinary taste and economics, thus open up a general discourse about the borders of art.

Texts by Elke Bippus, Carsten Brehm, David Donohue, Wolfgang Fuchs, Michael Glasmeier, Harald Lemke, Nora Sdun, Rolf Thiele,Thomas A. Vilgis, as well as a talk between René Block, Anna Bromley and Anneli Käsmayr. With an introduction by Mona Schieren.

A restaurant complete with café and bar:
the tables have been laid, time is circumscribed.
The digital countdown ticks off the days.
1095, meaning three years
on the thin line between restaurant management from art,
between the visible and the hidden,
between the trivial and the special,
between sensory experience and intellectual challenge.

No ART around
about the (im)possibility to operate a restaurant as art

two volumes: 192 and 32 pages
47 images, 170 x 240 mm, paperback with thread stitching
German / English

The Green Box, Berlin  2012

ISBN 978-3-941644-46-5
EUR 18,00
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