2008 / Sound and light installation / mirror ball, bass amplifier, audio recording / with SEX (Branka Colic, Anneli Käsmayr, Michael Rieken) / Tunnel Altmannshöhe / Bremen (D)

„Paradise Garage“ pays tribute to disco music of the late seventies and house music of the early eighties. Both are originally subcultural music styles which accompanied the emancipation movement of homosexuals and ethnic minorities in the United States. In Europe, disco has become known in its more glamorous form, realigning itself with the mainstream in contrast to its North American origin. 

image by sex, 2008
image by sex, 2008

The collective SEX connects these poles glamour and underground in this installation. “Paradise Garage” was a legendary New Yorker nightclub in the late seventies and early eighties. Dancing was top priority in this club, and for the first time the DJ played a decisive role. 
The work also refers to the many and illegal dance parties which took place recently in the tunnel Altmannshöhe.