2006 / Sound installation / instruments, objects, posters, audio / with SEX (Branka Colic, Anneli Käsmayr, Michael Rieken) / Prize winner of the „Bremen Art Award for Emerging Art 2005“ / Städtische Galerie, Bremen (D)

Based on the idea to transfer one own´s band rehearsal room into an exhibition space, the work piece bandroom is being created. Being shown is a fictional contemporary space in which music is being created and experimented with, representative of the many similar spaces worldwide which could also be seen as one interconnected sound laboratory. The artist-cum-musician collective SEX contacted other musicians and bands to integrate objects from unknown rehearsal spaces into the installation.

Amongst theses were several instruments, technical equipment, tables, chairs, an audio system, cables, objects to create sounds, but also objects which seem not to fulfill any musical or technical function, but which are objects of the every day life of the musicians. All devices were switched on. Through the gently buzzing sound of the equipment an acoustic snap-shot was created, which could have been either directly before or after a band practice. Posters with the acknowledgment of all participating musicians refer to the collaborative nature of the work.