2006 / installation, performance / HOTEL (Claudia Heidorn, Anna Jandt, Anneli Käsmayr, Jenny Kropp and Alberta Niemann)/ Dispatch of Goods Hansator / Bremen (D)

“The Hotel will disappear. 
The connection to the bigger twin has been cut. 
They were dependent on each other for heat and water. 
A circuit. Since then there is oil in the basement. 
It has yet to be verified how valuable it is.”

Three days of hotel management in a building formerly used for dispatching goods at the overseas port in Bremen. There is a maid, a doorman, a bar, secret keys, a pianist and mysterious rules. A disappearing place. Three days the guests rent three different single and double rooms and immerse themselves in the tales and legends of the house.
 In 2008 an Artist book for this project was released:
„HOTEL“, dilettantin produktionsbüro and Fort (Ed.) Edition 300, with texts by: Horst Müller, Wolfgang Hainke; containing a printed drawing by Norbert Schwontkowski, which was made exclusively for “HOTEL”. Language: Germ. / Engl., published by KraskaEckstein Verlag, Bremen. More images and order here.