2007-2010 / dreijahre dining room project / with Heiner Hellmann, Claudia Heidorn and Jenny Kropp / Bremen (D)

The „dreijahre“ meaning „threeyears“ is an art space for a limited amount of time between 2007 and 2010. The project includes a bar, a dining area, a living room, a parlor and a secret club in the basement. The table is set, time is measured. A digital countdown counts down the days. Three years, (1095 days) on the border of gastronomy and art, the visible and the invisible, the trivial and the special, the sensual and the spiritual. Nothing looks like art yet art is the reason and the form. Only through the artistic assertion it is being transferred into the art space and the question is being raised about what today art can be and where art happens.

Three years on the borderline between art and everyday life: 140 square feet dining area, two permanent employees, more than 30 temporary workers, an apprentice in the kitchen. The small menu changes every Friday, Thursdays there is always a different guest chef cooking a three course dinner, at the weekend there is breakfastand coffee klatch with cake. The ingredients are fresh, seasonal, regional and as organic as possible. The drink menu is extensive and involves one or the other self-created drink by the team. Records are played on weekends, now and then there is a concert or a reading.On the last day of the project a conceptual setting determines the scene– on the tables there is food piled in still life: sausages, fruit, juice and carafes of wine, flowers wilted – service personnel can not be seen. The situationundergoes a reversal, guests are to operate, expectations are not met, guests leave the restaurant angry. The guest must leave the role of the guest and withdraw from the area in front of the counter, and enter the one behind the counter. Fridges are opened up on the search for the desired beverage, bottles, are emptied, beer on tap. It is full, it gets tight, guests serve the other guests, then there is the sound of dance music.