Über dilettantin produktionsbüro

Founded in 2003 dilettantin produktionsbüro (Germany) is an open artist collective operating in the conceptual space between art and everyday life. In installations, interventions and performances the artists create, display or stage sensorial temporary spaces always incorporating culinary elements.
Can art be something that does not look like art? What role do gustatory moments play in the perception of art by use of „physical touch of savor to make you think and thus speak“?
dilettantin produktionsbüro often collaborate and are part of the artist-cum-music collective SEX. They give workshops and lectureships on savor, performance and hospitality as aesthetic practice and produce site-specific hospitality and dinner formats.
Their last works were among others a food trailer and fashion project (SLOE – Tu thee good), a temporary Kunstverein (Thisisnotashop), a restaurant and cafe (dreijahre dining room project), a record store (sex®shop) and a hotel (HOTEL).