THISISNOTASHOP – Temporary Kunstverein

2013/2014 THISISNOTASHOP / Intervention in Public Space / Temporary Kunstverein e.V. / Bremen (D)


The project and the Kunstverein moved into the Bremen ‚Steintor‘ area in november 2013. For the first 7 weeks the artist group did a survey with people passing by asking the main question ‚What place do you miss?‘.

THISISNOTASHOP wants to engage with a passing-by audience, communicating about personal desires in context to cultural urban life. Over seven months it offers next to the Art and Design Shop a wide program such as performances, artist talks and writing and music meet-ups.


The project aims to strengthen the Bremen local art production, to support its visibality and to open a dialogue with a diverse audience. THISISNOTASHOP is a collective position on the question of how a city needs at all artistic production and mediation of contemporary art and what implementation it wants and can afford.

What kind of place would satisfy a (to be evaluated) community ‚need‘ of arts and cultural sector? And whattoday is cultural ‚claim‘ of institutions?

Accompanying THISISNOTASHOP there are so-called ‚think tanks‘. With specially invited protagonists of art, culture, industry and academia together we think and exchange about issues and perspectives on art and (also economic) necessity of Arts in Bremen. 

Co-thinkers: Silke Bangert, Yvonne Bialek, Michael Börgerding, Marion Bösen, Dr. Kathrin Heinz, Tarun Kade, Dr. Joachim Kreibohm, Jens Joost Krüger, Christian M. Leon, Kay Michalak, Uwe A. Nullmeyer, Nadine Portillo, Ina Raschke, Michael Rieken, Sabine Maria Schmidt, Dr. Andrea Sick, Kai Stührenberg, Ingo Vetter.

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Thisisnotashop is a project by dilettantin produktionsbüro
Group: Claude Draude, Heidrun Immendorf, Anneli Käsmayr, Constanze Kronisch, Andrea Lühmann, Daniela Yavuzsoy
With the kind support of by the Senator for Culture Bremen, Bremen Künstlerinnenverband, Waldemar Koch Foundation, Sparkasse Bremen, Beirat Östliche Vorstadt, Glass & Solar Cleaning, POPO and noon – café workspace stage.