Workshop Texture and Spring

Internationaler Workshop ‚Texture and Spring’
KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH
April 2016

Students from four European universities explore together with teachers and professionals in the field of ceramics, the digital design and manufacturing techniques and cooking, current and future possibilities of working with porcelain. Involved are the Aalto University Helsinki, the University of Ulster Belfast, the KADK Copenhagen and the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. The workshop is part of the project module “Shaping the Future”, which takes place under the umbrella of “Ceramics and its Dimensions”, a project funded by Creative Europe Programme of the EU project.

Towards the end of the workshop week there is a flavor workshop with dilettantin produktionsbüro. The workshop ‘Texture and Spring’ is about the creation possibilities in the kitchen by varying texture to the composition of food and the plating of the dish.
On a walk in the woods, the students collect all kinds of edible and highly aromatic herbs, moss and lichen, which are further processed in the course of the day. Appearing seasonal main flavors besides rhubarb and Jerusalem artichokes are sweet woodruff, asparagus and Pumpernickel.
Through the use of different cooking methods and temperatures (raw, marinated, stewed, roasted, baked, dried, foamed iced, mashed, juiced) a huge range of flavor options is opened, even within the flavor of the same ingredient. For dinner a large buffet is set up with all the textures that can be placed individually on each plate. Each dish is different and has a different story to tell.