2011 / Ongoing research project on taste memories / PointB Brooklyn, NY / USA

Audio interviews and a tasting

An ongoing research project about taste and memory that started during a two-month residency in New York. In meetings with casual acquaintances of all ages, gender, professions and nationalities interviews are conducted accounting for taste memories that are recorded acoustically.

Phrases and fragments of sentences out of the answers to the question “What is your strongest memory of taste” are composed into a collage-like piece of music, so that ostensibly descriptions of subjective taste sensations are being heard.
Parallelly a daily weblog notes, which foods end up on the own plate, provided with short descriptions ofthe individual taste. For a long time later notions can be retrieved by the
pictures of social situations, tastes and moods. Sound in Savor is an attempt and the invitation to the viewer to mark ones own sense of taste and to track the emotional
imprint, in which taste memory is stored individually.

From sensual stimulation to thinking

Tracing the question, ‘Is thinking itself, and therefore the reception of art impacted by physically engrossing experiences such as sensorial stimulation?,’ the New York presentation of Sound in Savorincludes an audio installation as well as a tasting. Having experimented with canning and local products such as herbs and flowers, dilettantin produktionsbüro invites the audience to savor those flavors while listening to the sound installation made of the interviews.

Pictures of the presentation in New York