SLOE – Do Thee Good

2014 SLOE – Do Good to Yourself / social sculpture and intervention in public space / Tatort Paderborn / Paderborn (D)

[Sloe, Eng. – ‘Blackthorn’: Rose family. Sloe puts the body in motion, gives fresh strength and protects against colds. It is recognized to have a strong protective effect against witches. The thorny undergrowth was once one of the plants with the help of which crop and weather could be predicted.][Slow, Eng. – ‘Slow’ food and ‘food’: enjoyable, conscious and regional food, a counter-movement to the uniform and globalized fast food.

SLOE – Do Thee Good has been designed as part of public space exhibition ‘Tatort Paderborn 2014’. For a period of 100 days from May to September eleven different artists/groups created art works in downtown Paderborn.

SLOE is the staging of a mobile site with a monastic inspired offer – coffee, herbal drinks, freshly squeezed green juices and energy cookies. Over the duration of the exhibition  the trailer shows up at different places in the urban space, n the pedestrian zone, in the market place or at festivities.

2014 © A.Lühmann
2014 © A.Lühmann

Following the traders from historical times SLOE has more than cuisine on offer: an Art Fashion Edition interprets historical moments of the city in three different prints. Similar to farmers earlier who planted sloe or blackthorn around their fields in hedges to protect themselves from evil, SLOE promises: ‘This Shirt repels Evil’.

With SLOE dilettantin produktionsbüro open towards a heterogeneous audience that has not possibly come to consume art. Outside the usual institutional spaces for art presentation the public space allows the staging of a sales trailer, which does not look staged yet still is. It disguises itself by its surroundings and its daily format. Similarly SLOE is a place for communication – for discussions about art, God and everything under the sun.

This created space between art and everyday life anything looks like art. It’s all about perception, attention, sensuality – communication, participation and enjoyment.

SLOE – Do Thee Good, from within and from without.

The shirt is handmade in Northern Germany from fine cotton jersey with elastane – a limited and signed edition! There are two sizes (36-40 or 38-42) available. The section is airy, with slight batwing sleeves, waistband and unisex.

For more info please check also Facebook and the exhibition blog.

SLOE could be seen here: Jühenplatz, Palavermarkt / Domplatz, Westerntor / Franciscan church, city library, Weindorf / Schloss Neuhaus, Museum Night / Städtische Galerie am Abdinghof.