2015 REFRESHMENT / social sculpture and performance / Public Space / Thealit Lab ordnung // struktur / Bremen (D)

The Japanese para scientist and alternative physician Masaru Emoto (1943-2014) came from the assumption that water can memorize emotions and that these water clusters are as well responsible for the transmission of information in homeopathy. 
Water clusters are unstable, usually short-lived associations of water molecules into larger molecular networks. But how does this information transmit into the water?Today we know that the energy state of water depends on its cluster structure formed bymovement or stagnancy. The Austrian foresters and nature observer Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was one of the first to recognize that moving, swirling water features a higher quality. Lively water, also referred to as levitated, vitalized or highly structured water is that, for example, by swirling has been restored its “Original” fine structure as a “living” spring water. Only “Living Water” by Johann Grander (1930-2012) is able to energize and refresh the body. The Balm, as something that refreshes, eg. a cold drink or food, is the starting point for the work ERFRISCHUNG / REFRESHMENT. Flavors used in varying consistencies are: Grains / Goat Cheese / Rhubarb / Lemon / Asparagus / Woodruff.In relation to the current state of knowledge about water and its energizing the work opens a gustatory experience space as part of the series “Tu dir Gutes – Do Good To Yourself.”

ERFRISCHUNG / REFRESHMENT is a work as part of the Thealit Lab ordnung // struktur by curator Z. Schmidt.