2015 ELIXIR – Do Thee Good / Social Sculpture and Intervention in public space / GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst / Bremen (D)

An elixir, known as healing or magic potion is originally an extract of medicinal plants with various additives dissolved in wine or alcohol, of which a rejuvenating and/or life prolonging effect is attributed. For the Public Space exhibition ‘Im Inneren der Stadt – Inside the City’ at GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst dilettantin produktionsbüro creates ELIXIER that is offered at ten selected locations in Bremen for the duration of the exhibition. The formulation is individually composed in cooperation with the hosts to reflect one aspect of the place – thus ten different versions of a drink, that is called elixir, are being created.This medicinal potion is not listed on any menu, but can only be ordered by ‘Code Word: ELIXIER’. Based on the view that a work of art can possibly only by decrypted by the understanding of an underlying code, here the codeword functions in reverse as a key for initiating art. The only sign of this sepcial drink on offer is a mark that is put in each window showcase for the duration of the exhibition. Otherwise the place stays a commonplace, whether hairdresser, delicatessen or furniture store.

The drinks cost each between 3-7 Euro in relation to other services or goods of the shops. ELIXIER is served in a glass on a beer mat, which is signed and numbered. If the drink has been enjoyed, this remains the only relic of the work. The guest alone decides whether the coaster is transformed into a sign of the art work which took place in deciding whether the beer mat is being taken.
A map is being distributed in the exhibition space of the GAK, where all ELIXIER places are marked. The interested public thus spreads out over the city – starting in the institutional space, the GAK, and dispensing to the various participating public and semi-public places. 

Cooperation partners are:

Canova (a): Am Wall 207, 28195 Bremen. Tue – Sun ab 10h bis open end
Feines Delicatessen (a): Pappelstraße 71a, 28199 Bremen. Mon – Thu 9 – 18.30h / Fri 8.30 – 18.30h / Sat 8 – 13h
Gondel Cinema (a): Schwachhauser Heerstraße 207, 28211 Bremen. Mon – Sun 11 – 24h
Grashoff’s Bistro: Contrescarpe 80, 28195 Bremen. Tue – Thu 10 – 20:30h / Fri 10 – 22h / Sat 10 – 17h (only at Bar available)
HAY Bremen: Auf den Häfen 12, 28203 Bremen. Mon – Fri 10 – 18h / Sat 10 – 14h
Karton (a): Alte Schnapsfabrik. Am Deich 86, 28199 Bremen. Tue – Sat 11 – 22h
Knubke’s Café: Münchener Str. 46, 28215 Bremen. Wed – Fri 12 – 19h / Sat + Sun 9:30 – 19h
Kaemena at Blockland: Niederblockland 6, 28357 Bremen. Mon – Fri 14 – 18h / Sat + Sun 11 – 18h
Luca Rizzo Hair Salon: Böttcherstraße 4, 28195 Bremen. Tue – Fri 9 – 18h / Sat 9 – 16h
GAK: Teerhof 21, 28199 Bremen. Tue – Sun 11 – 18h / Thu bis 20h

(a) = with alcohol

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Exhibition July 19th – October 10th 2015
Opening: Saturday, July 18th 2015 at 4pm. More Information here.

‘Tu dir Gutes – Do Thee Good’ is a series of performative interventions with gustatory elements in public space. Starting from the idea of doing something good for yourself and the promise of Healing, Strength and Youth by (the consumption of) art, artist collective dilettantin produktionsbüro create site-specific temporary works.
Thanks to all the wonderful locations!