Eating the Forest

eating the forest

At the invitation of ECADC dilettantin produktionsbüro conceive a performative dinner staged as a series that tries to capture the flavor of Estonia. The starting point of “Eating the Forest” are the artistic works of Kris Lemsalu and Adeline de Monseignat and a week-long search in Tallinn and its surrounding area in the aim to get the typical Nordic flavors on the track.
Inspired by the flavors of the Estonian forest and typical regional products a vast multi-course dinner is being created that works without any eating utensils. From specially made dish objects made of wood, ceramic and organic material such as leaves and bark the food is eaten with the hands. The meal is cooked very purely, product-oriented and seasonal, in addition to mackerel there is cod, moose, mushrooms, moss and root vegetables. Every dish is paired by a special drink: e.g. Spruce lemonade, Estonian beer, kombucha, cowslip tea, tarhun and a balm essence. In both the first and last course typical local flavors of the host country are woven into the taste.

Dishware by Kris Lemsalu (EST) and Adeline de Monseignat (UK), 
Wood by Malin Workshop (EST), 
Fabrics by Julia Heuer (GER), Concept and Food by dilettantin produktionsbüro (GER), hosted by ECADC Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center.

Eating the Forest’ took place so far in La Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan 2015 and during Art Brussels 2016.

Eating The Forest from ECADC on Vimeo.

Eating the ForestEating the ForestEating the Forest Eating the Forest  Eating the Forest Eating the Forest Eating the Forest

All images courtesy of Angelo Becci for ECADC