dilettantin produktionsbüro was founded in 2003 as an open artists collective that acts in the conceptual space between art and life. In installations, interventions and performances, the group stages temporary spaces that always make use of a gustatory, plaesurable experience as communication moment.

What role do gustatory moments play in the aesthetic perception to „evoke speaking and therefore thinking“?
How is emotional touch being created by sensory experience?

dilettantin produktionsbüro likes to cooperate with other artists and are part of the art-and-music collective SEX.
Their last works have included a dinner series (Eating the Forest), a food truck and fashion project (Sloe – Tu thee good), a temporary Kunstverein (Thisisnotashop), a restaurant and cafe (three years dining room project), a record store (sex®shop) and a hotel (HOTEL).

The group gives workshops and seminars on taste, performance and hospitality as aesthetic practice and implements site specific hospitality and dinner formats.