About dilettantin produktionsbüro

What the term dilettanteism refers to here is the original meaning of the word. A dilettante is someone who does something out of passion. The impulse for action coming from that passion, not from skill or craft. Not Knowing and therefore Knowing as Aesthetic Practice.

dilettantin produktionsbüro as collective itself often extend to co-operate with other artists. The art product being the result of a collective working process, the authorship dissipates in favour of a collective idea.

dilettantin produktionsbüro was founded in 2003 as a conceptual research base operating in the space between art and everyday life, often incorporating gustatory elements into their work. Terms like temporary space, sensual experience, work, economy, savor and sound are being explored in their relationship to art and non-art. Perception of every-day life is being investigated in relation to an artistic location. The question of art in general is raised: “Is it the act, the product or the perspective?”.

The work of dilettantin produktionsbüro creates new experienceable spaces or utilizes existing ones.
By entering the space the viewer becomes directly involved in the art. Through physical and sensual absorption in the work boundaries between the sensation of art and of the prosaic are blurred and an exploration of the definition of art is provoked.